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Discover our range of specialized ejectors for molds & tools

At Rabourdin, every detail counts

At Rabourdin, the mold ejector has always held an important place. This can be explained by our historical know-how in the manufacture of ejectors. In order to simplify the realization of your thermoplastic injection molds, we offer you a wide range of ejectors, including steel grades : hardened, nitrided or not, nitrided ground, stainless steel as well as multiple dimensions: cylindrical ejectors, blade ejectors or tubular ejectors.

Characteristics of Rabourdin ejectors

Our ejectors can range from 0.8 to 32 mm in diameter and up to 1,350 mm in length. All our ejectors are regularly restocked. Quality rhymes with durability and therefore with long-term savings. Thus, the Rabourdin ejector has the advantage of being able to be perfected by numerous treatments and coatings, in particular the Dynacron which brings many advantages. The Dynacron treatment reinforces the resistance to friction by optimizing performance and sliding. It increases the life span by reducing any risk of tightening, seizing, sticking or metallization due to heating. Our ejector heads are hot forged, thus intensifying their resistance to tearing. Reference 628, intended for thermoplastic injection molds, represents the best-seller of the range. This ejector does not cause any swelling under the head, which gives it the function of a pin.

Steel ejectors

They are static devices in which the energy supplied by the release of pressurized fluid (steam, gas, liquid...) can also contribute to: sucking, compressing or mixing fluids; putting enclosures under vacuum or pressure; transferring fluids, powders and slurries or even heat. Ejectors can also be used for transport. For ejectors, a gas or liquid is used as the driving force. Ejectors do not have a very high manufacturing cost (lower than a conventional pump) and do not require any maintenance, which helps to fight against corrosion and attacks of aggressive gases. The stainless steel cylindrical ejectors are compatible with the standards of the medical, pharmaceutical and food markets. Rabourdin relies on its high-precision mechanics to innovate its ejectors by promoting the best productivity whatever the process.

A complete range

On Rabourdin’s website, you will have the possibility to find a complete range of mold ejectors including tubular ejectors allowing you to perform an ejection around a pin. But also blade ejectors which is quite close to the tubular éjection mentioned above, but the risk of damaging the part at the time of the ejection is increased unliked the tubular éjection solution. Finally, the conical head ejector is the best known and most used to eject a part of your mold.

Put your trust in Rabourdin

By turning to the brand Rabourdin for your ejectors, you will be guaranteed quality parts, impeccable service and affordable prices. Three strong points that make Raboudin a specialist in this field.