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The Rabourdin steel punch

The steel punch is a mechanical part that is used to perform punching operations, in other words, to perforate materials such as high-strength sheet metal. It allows to make more or less complex shapes depending on the model of punch selected for the work. Punching requires a punch and a die. The punch perforates the material and is inserted into the die.


There are several methods of punching. The most common is to make a hole by removing the material. Another method is to cut the contours of the shape by nibbling, that is to say, by numerous blows with a steel punch.

The different models of Rabourdin punches

Rabourdin manufactures and distributes several models of punches and dies that are conform to ISO and NF standards.  As standard, you will find multiple shapes, such as the cylindrical steel punch with conical and cylindrical head, the roughing punch which is used to make a pre-cutting of the surface before the complete cutting of the part, the stepped cutting punch with and without ejector, the pilot punch...

All these models are available in different lengths and shapes and in different diameters, with for example the MTH, MTF, MTL, MTR series for the stepped punch, or the MTA, MTP series for the pilot punch. All Rabourdin steel punches can be treated with TGR, a self-lubricating process without adding thickness. This anti-friction treatment offers greater resistance to friction and considerably extends the life of the punch.

If the punch you are going to use for your punching needs to have a specific shape or dimensions, it is possible to have your punch model made from a drawing so that it corresponds precisely to your project. 

How to choose the right steel punch?

To choose the right steel punch among all the available models, you must first check the requirements of the machine tool on which the punch will be installed. Then you have to make your selection according to the punching operation you are going to perform. On the Rabourdin marketplace, each punch model is associated with a precise description sheet so that you can place your order directly online from the selected item. Our teams are also available to answer all your questions and assist you in your purchase.