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Cartridge heaters are used to heat metal parts.

The cartridge heaters provide optimal heat conduction, uniform temperatures with high resistance to oxidation and corrosion.


Rectangular, square or round in cross-section, they are used for heating hot runner moulds, injection nozzles, packaging machines, laboratory and medical equipment and in all mechanical, electrical and chemical industries. How to use them?

What are the different types of cartridge heaters in the RABOURDIN range ?




Recommendations for testing

It is advisable to carry out a test under operating conditions. The test is carried out on a variable transformer until the heat output reaches the required level. The voltage and current values must then be measured to calculate the required power rate.


Precautions for use

  •        On a mobile machine, it is essential to anchor the wires securely to prevent movement near the outlet. Making a loop with the wire usually extends its life.
  •        On fast-moving components, care must be taken to ensure that the wires are not blocked or subjected to excessive pressure.
  •        Protect the wires from splashes, oil and abrasion.
  •        No adhesive on the wires at the outlet of the heating cartridge.
  •        The ambient temperature experienced by the wires must not exceed the heat supported by their insulation (i.e. 842° F for standard wires).
  •        Do not use graphite or other lubricants to help insert the cartridge heater into the hole.
  •        The cartridge sleeve wires should be flush with the surface of the hole or no more than 1/16th of an inch above it.


If the power density is too high

  •        Install multiple heating elements of lower power density.
  •        Use longer or larger diameter heating elements. 
  •        Improving the fit.
  •        Reduce heating requirements by reducing heat loss or allowing a longer heating time.


Our range of cartridge heaters offers many modular and standard products to suit all possible applications.


  •            Cartridge heaters with a formable heating element with or without a thermocouple.
  •            Restricted "NT" or "N" type cartridge heaters with thermocouple
  •            Restricted 'S' type cartridge heaters
  •            Restricted high density 'S' type heater cartridges (metric)
  •            Restricted 'TCB' type cartridge heaters with thermocouple (metric)

Our range of RABOURDIN cartridge heaters offers you all the solutions to meet all your industrial applications.

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