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The square clamp


A clamp is a mechanical steel accessory that is used in guiding devices to join or block a mechanical element such as a tube... It is a plate on which four holes are drilled around the periphery to ensure the strength of the anchorage of the square clamp on its support. In the center of the clamp, there is a hole with the same diameter as the part that will be assembled.  The latter can be welded or screwed if the center hole of the clamp is tapped. The square connecting or guiding clamp has a smaller footprint than the round clamp, making it easier to use in constrained environments. There are many models of clamps that correspond to precise ISO standards, such as the flat clamp to be welded, the rotating clamp to be welded, the threaded clamp with collar... which can be manufactured on request and as standard. Rabourdin manufactures and distributes square clamps.


The different models of square clamp

You will find in the Rabourdin online catalog two models of square clamp : the square retaining clamp and the square clamp for column with median retention.


The first square clamp is designed for guide rings. This model is available in four different sizes to fit the diameter of the center hole (D1 from 40 to 80 mm). The second square clamp model available in the Rabourdin catalog is also available in four sizes to fit the same D1 diameters as the previous one.