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CLAMP / NF E 63-125 ISO 9448


Our selection of Rabourdin clamps

Since 1926, when the company was founded, Rabourdin has been designing and manufacturing high-precision mechanical machining parts in plastic injection, stamping and screwing. Among our 17,000 "made in France" quality references recognized in the industrial world, you will find simple and robust clamping systems.

What is a clamp ?

A clamp is a mechanical system for fixing, holding or even guiding. The flange family is divided into two categories : There are two types of clamps: rectangular, half-round and square clamps, and square clamps. 

How does a clamp work?

The primary purpose of the clamp is to secure a workpiece to a support. The mechanical clamping system uses several clamping modules to prevent a part from moving laterally, horizontally and turning on itself. The mechanical clamping system is fixed on its support with bolts, nuts and washers.

Our selection of clamps

We offer as standard in our online catalog eshop.rabourdin two models of mounting flange. The clamp, part number 5522, is designed to secure columns and rings, and the clamp, part number 5523, is specifically designed to secure press-fit brass rings (part number 5311) and self-lubricating press-fit brass rings (part number 5312). 

How to make your choice ?

The choice of the clamping system depends on the nature of the part to be fixed, its shape, the use of the resulting device and the effort it will have to support. If, for example, you need to clamp an injection mold, the clamp reference 5522 will allow you to fix it efficiently on a press plate. This brigade system, also called a clamping larder, is also recommended for attaching SINT-ER, Bronzacier and Lubracier type bushings. For the installation of a guide column, it is recommended to use the clamp reference 5523, associated with brass bushings to be pressed in.

The choice of the clamp model will depend on its dimensions and the diameter of the anchoring points. For the fixing range reference 5522, there are 5 models for standard use. For the fixing of a SINT-ER, SINT-GR, Bronzacier or Lubracier type ring, or for a guide column, it is necessary to consider the diameter of the bushing to be fixed and its radius, as well as the dimension of the covering part of the fixing flange.

The choice of the mounting flange for brass bushings to be pressed in is declined in 5 models, with for each of them specific dimensions.    


The Rabourdin mechanical clamping system is made of stainless steel to guarantee perfect resistance to the stress to which it will be subjected. It is also designed not to oxidize regardless of the environment in which it is installed.

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