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Discover Rabourdin gas springs and cylinders

Rabourdin is specialized in the design of high precision products in injection, cutting and stamping and screwing. It offers a complete range of quality gas springs and cylinders, "made in France".

How a gas spring works

The gas spring or gas cylinder consists of a cylindrical tube, in which the gas (nitrogen) is stored, a rod and a piston. Other essential parts are the guide ring, the seals and the internal lubrication system which guarantees the durability of the sliding parts. In operation, the rod slides in the cylindrical tube and compresses the gas in the chamber. The gas cylinder is similar in function to the spring, without the initial stress. Since it is a hermetically sealed device, it can operate in any position with equal efficiency. The gas cylinder can be operated as a stand-alone unit or connected via a loading/unloading port to a system that, for example, regulates the pressure according to the force exerted.


Gas springs have a service life under ideal conditions which is calculated according to the distance covered by the mechanism. According to this calculation, the gas spring must be able to achieve a minimum stroke development of 75,000 linear meters. To ensure the longevity of this device, the gas spring body and rod must not be damaged and the gas spring must be charged with nitrogen at a pressure not exceeding 15 MPa (megapascal)...         

Our different types of cylinders and gas springs

In order to meet our customers' needs as widely as possible, we have designed several families of gas springs according to size and initial force (daN). We count in our catalog 7 families of gas springs, grouped in 2 categories :

  •          Springs with a domed rod head equipped with a loading and unloading port, which correspond to the CSR, AR, AR/P, AR/C, KD, KCR models.
  •          Flat-head springs with a loading port on the bottom of the cylinder and a removal port on the side of the cylindrical surface. This is the SK model.

How to choose your gas spring ?

The choice of the gas cylinder must take into account the support on which it will be installed, the body diameter, the initial force (daN), the final force (MPa), the pressure (MPa), the cylinder stroke (S Max), and the length of the open (La) and closed (Lb) cylinder.


The materials used in the manufacture of the gas cylinder should also be taken into account when making your choice, so that the model selected is adapted to the environmental and resistance constraints.

Stainless steel

The stainless steel model is made of a durable material that offers high corrosion resistance in highly exposed environments. This is why the stainless steel gas spring is frequently used in shipbuilding, industry, food processing and medical applications.


The raw steel gas cylinder model is mainly chosen for its extreme strength. However, it oxidizes easily. It should be installed only in protected areas.


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